I had always been impressed by the work Suzanne had done with my mother, helping Mom keep her home office well organized; but it wasn’t until my mom passed away and I hired Suzanne to assist with the estate that I realized how amazing she is at what she does.  I work in Washington, DC and overseeing the estate in Boynton Beach from afar was challenging at times, but Suzanne was there every step of the way to help, troubleshoot, offer advice and make a difficult process much easier.  Her rolodex is golden, and within minutes she could connect me with whatever was needed–auctioneers, a great handyman, a realtor, a lawyer, cleaners, etc.  She is very efficient and I always felt as though she had the best interest of the estate in mind.  It was such a relief to have someone I could trust handling such important issues for my family.  Suzanne was a real joy to work with and I highly recommend her to others.

Allison L., Takoma Park, MD

I am a Vice President and Financial Advisor for an international financial firm. In addition to my corporate office, I also have a home office. My field is paper intensive, and there is no room for error when it comes to managing other people’s assets. This is why I have worked with Suzanne Falcone for four years now. She set systems in place in both locations that make it easier for me to stay at the top of my game, and follows up with me on a quarterly basis to make sure those systems remain relevant.

Any professional in any field would benefit from an audit of their systems and procedures to make sure they are as productive and profitable as they can be. Suzanne Falcone’s experience and effectiveness can help anyone’s bottom line.

C.S. – Boca Raton, FL

I hired Suzanne for an at-home office overhaul, as well as relocation help.

As a Visual Artist, and someone who isn’t terribly domestically inclined, I can easily become intimidated when in the presence of those to whom orderliness and system flow comes more easily.  With Suzanne, this was not the case at all.  Her open-mindedness, professionalism and flexibility set me at ease very quickly.  I was able to feel very comfortable and supported in Suzanne’s presence.  It was easy for me to be able to receive her input and suggestions, this is so important to me when working with somebody this closely.

It was not only Suzanne’s life experience and work history that contributed  to her can-do approach and diverse range of skills,  Suzanne also possesses a great sense of humour, another important factor when wading through mundane tasks.  It made for time spent with a sense of ease and laughter, while  able to reach goals, and learn new skills.

When it came to preparing for the final stages of my move, Suzanne went beyond the call of duty in her generosity and willingness to share resources and knowledge.

I had provisionally chosen a company who, as it turned out, was quite suspect, claiming they wouldn’t be able to insure my goods while they were in storage. Suzanne’s extensive experience in the field of transportation was of immense value, as I found myself without a moving company hours before the move was to take place.

Suzanne stepped up to the plate, making telephone calls to her contacts in the industry, as well as the moving company in question. I cannot tell you how incredibly ready and willing Suzanne was to take the situation into her own hands, and turn it around in my favour.

Across the board, I cannot recommend Suzanne highly enough.  She is reliable, efficient, considerate, sensitive to others’ situations, hard working, principled, and fun to work with!

M. von der Schulenburg

Changing the habits of hard-core accumulators is a daunting task. But Susan Falcone of Perfect Order is one determined lady.  With an iron fist in a velvet glove, she guides a person to whittle away at their piles of clutter and papers until eventually they are smaller and smaller and neatly filed in folders and one’s inner clutter beast is pretty much tamed.  And she accomplishes this with a great deal of humor.

The day she got me to throw away my ten-year-old pile of old unused crossword puzzles, we celebrated!  (I had carried them around through four residential moves.)

She helps you to understand what to have at the ready, what to throw away, and what to archive.  And she wades in and helps you to do it!

Finally, I am not completely cured, but I find myself disliking my smaller piles and doing something about them.

Anne Lange, Boynton Beach, FL